Singapore report: Dubai is an ideal model for modernity and originality

Singapore report: Dubai is an ideal model for modernity and originality

Singapore’s The New Pepper described Dubai as a futuristic city surrounded by desert.It is not only a city of luxury and wealth, but also a case study in itself of the diversity and differences that combine them, the most important of which is the combination of modernity and authenticity.

The newspaper published a special report on Dubai entitled: «Dubai: the ideal model for mixing old and new», and focused in particular on the blending between ancient and contemporary, as one of the most striking features of Dubai.

The report stressed that this blending is not limited to Dubai in particular, but is a feature that distinguishes the UAE in general, it is a future destination and traditional at the same time.

It is astonishing to see how Dubai succeeds in retaining its rich culture and heritage amidst its ever-accelerating modernity movement and how the old flourishes alongside the new and at the same pace.

For example, Dubai’s skyline is adorned with the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, while traditional land markets sell traditional products such as spices, incense, perfumes and traditional clothing.

The report details the diversity of authenticity and modernity in Dubai.He started to talk about the features of authenticity in Dubai.He addressed the desert.He said that the experience of desert adventures in Dubai far exceeds what one can imagine in its fascination and its activities and exciting activities, including safari. — Camping activities, sweeping sand dunes in four-wheel drive vehicles dedicated to it, visit the nature reserves to see the wildlife that is characterized by the UAE, the most prominent elements of which are «Oryx» and the tree «Ghaf», and other adventures.

The report then talked about the old city of Dubai, describing it as another world within Dubai to set foot once the independence of Abra, the oldest water transport in Dubai, to cross the Dubai Creek, which connects old and contemporary Dubai.

The report went on to talk about contemporary Dubai, chose from the landmarks «Dubai Mall», which he described as one of the most prominent symbols of modernity in Dubai, and that it is not logical to visit Dubai without the sights of this important landmark being the largest shopping center in the world in terms of space, where It includes over 1,300 retail outlets and 200 restaurants, as well as the giant aquarium, Dubai Aquarium, Water Park, Waterfalls, Fountain, Dubai Ice Rink and other fun destinations.

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