High heels are a major cause of accidents in Dubai

High heels are a major cause of accidents in Dubai

Brigadier Saeed Hamad Bin Sulaiman, head of the Rashidiya police station in Dubai, has warned of the dangers of wearing high-heeled shoes while driving, saying it could lead to accidents.

The official, who is also the head of the School Security Initiative, was quoted by the UAE’s Gulf News as saying that most of the traffic accidents that occur within schools were due to two main reasons: the lack of estimation of safe distances between cars and wearing high-heeled shoes while driving.

There is a space between the bottom of the driver’s shoes and the gas pedals and brakes, allowing the driver to move his feet comfortably and pressure or move away from the pedals, but it is different when wearing high heels.

Rather than moving the entire foot to provide enough force to press the pedal and stop the car in time, such as when the brake pedal is pressed, those in high-heeled shoes tend to press the pedals using only the fingertips.

The force resulting from similar pressure is not enough to stop the car in time, especially in emergency situations, which can lead to accidents.

If you are wearing a thin heeled shoe, it is possible to hang the carpet or the bottom of the pedal, which may delay the pressure on the pedal in time before the impact.

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