Dubai saves patients whose hearts have ceased and were absent from life for hours

Dubai saves patients whose hearts have ceased and were absent from life for hours

When the heart stops suddenly human life ends, this concept is no longer medically recognized, after many patients whose hearts stopped periods of time between minutes and hours back to life again, after receiving a heart resuscitation in time, to return to practice their lives once Other, having been medically classified between life and death.

According to the Dubai Ambulance Service, it has dealt with 184 cases of sudden cardiac arrest since the beginning of this year, rescued after receiving first aid in a timely manner, among the 5220 heart patients treated by the institution during the current year.

Dr. Fahad Basalib, Executive Director of Cardiology and Catheterization at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, said that Dubai Health Hospitals have received many cases of sudden cardiac arrest due to various reasons. The maximum cardiac resuscitation of a case at Dubai Hospital was finally three hours, one of the longest cardiac arrhythmias, which was recently monitored.

He explained that sudden cardiac arrest usually occurs as a result of an imbalance in the electricity of the heart, which may occur for several reasons accompanying heart patients or those with the factors of the disease, which moves the human to a state where there is between life and death, where the likelihood of survival and return to life again 50% if received first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation within four minutes of cardiac arrest, while the rate drops to 10% starting from the fifth minute or more.

«The patient’s CPR process continues globally for 45 consecutive minutes,» Basalib said. «In the absence of response, the resuscitation process stops. In the case of an intermittent response during resuscitation, the heart feeds the brain with blood.» Cardiac resuscitation for hours until the patient wakes up and returns to his stable condition, or that the heart stops responding and stops the process of resuscitation ».

He stressed the need to receive first aid during the first four minutes of heart failure, being the intervals in his return to life in good health, so that the chances of survival gradually diminished and remains between two options, either return with serious health complications, due to brain damage, or death.

He pointed out that the patient who stops his heart inside the hospital is usually the luckiest, where the situation is remedied from the first minute, especially with the availability of medical staff and advanced ambulance equipment, while cases that stop heart, whether at home or public places to be treated by a person with the ability and knowledge Good with the pulmonary cardiac ambulance mechanism, which is crucial in saving human life.

Doctors at Dubai Hospital were able to save the life of a 65-year-old patient who was suffering from complete heart failure, atherosclerosis and severe shortness of breath. The doctors began a three-hour cardiopulmonary resuscitation, during which the team tried Medical avoid complications caused by cardiac arrest.

Dubai medics also dealt with a patient whose heart stopped and was taken to a private hospital.

Education Initiative

Dr. Fahad Basalib, head of cardiology and catheterization at Rashid Hospital in Dubai, said that the hospital has been implementing an initiative to teach people with heart patients how to implement CPR through a number of free, voluntary courses that started three years ago and continue until Today.

He explained that the Dubai Health Authority aims through the initiative to increase the chances of survival for heart patients, especially if one of them suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, where a family member can save him until the arrival of the ambulance.

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