Snake alert

Snake alert

Residents of Jumeirah Park claim they are living in constant fear after recurring snake sightings in the vicinity.

Recent reports of venomous snake sighting in Jumeirah Park have sparked alarm among residents who say they are keeping their children indoors and also avoiding to sit in their backyards.

Scottish expat Shona Slater, who has been living in Jumeirah Park for four years, said they first encountered a snake in their garden in August.

On November 2, the Slaters’ nanny found another snake in their garden while tidying children’s garden toys.

Lauding the Dubai Municipality, Slater said: «The municipality has been great for their swift action and they came at once to spray our garden with the required liquids to keep the snakes off. However, we are also concerned about the whole community as there have been other incidents in the homes as well as parks but no spraying or any other action was done in the area.»

«This incident has affected me psychologically as I now fear of seeing a snake whenever I enter my garden. I also noticed two days back my dog was acting strange. It seemed fearful and was trying to hide. I now can correlate it with the snake sighting because the snake was found in the area next to where my dogs play.»

«If you want to secure your backyard from poisonous snakes then you can put thick polythene sheet from 2-3 inches under the sand and up to 50-70cm upwards on the fence. No venomous snake can cross this barrier as plastic is slippery.»

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